Realisation about Giving Up, and a Proposition

On March 23rd, johnpark07 posted the following to this blog:

He left us with the lesson of the power of groups, which through my endeavours to “give up disposable products/packaging” I have realised first hand. I do feel like if I was in this with someone else or in a group, I could do far better. Too many times I have let my goal slip away and I will use a plastic item temporarily before swiftly throwing it out. I find it hard to stick to the goal and stay motivated when everyone else around me isn’t thinking twice about throwing away their plastic stuff. 

I went out with a group of friends a week ago, and when we were deciding where to go I told them I had to go somewhere with plates because I’m doing this assignment. No one really questioned it, it didn’t spark any conversation, but I felt happy to use a plate instead of the other option which was a Subway sandwich wrapped in 2 paper layers in a plastic bag (the food was also much tastier than a Subway could ever be 😉 )

What if we all tried it for 3 days? Reckon it’d be an interesting experience? I’ll be happy to give up whatever you’re giving up too to keep it balanced!

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