Giving up for plastic bag

After 5 weeks I don’t use any plastic bag. I feel there is no difference if we using it or not. Most of time, we don’t have to have it. I realized people just use it as habit. For example, people want to take away their food. The food actually already in the take away box or other kind of carrier, but still use plastic bag cover it again? Doesn’t make sense.

I went to supermarket few times during the giving up time. We can just simply bring a green bag to avoids using plastic bag. It’s huge saving if we do every time when shopping.

I did research about the plastic bag, most of them can’t be recycle. They will stay on the earth forever.. etc. too many bad thing from the plastic bag.
There are few green plastic bag made by high tech, it can be recycle and re use, but they are super expensive. So not many of them on the market now.

So I will continue my giving up and try to let someone give up for plastic bag too.

This is great change to me.


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