A blade of ten points…

  1. Decide on the issue(s) in which I want to bring about change
  2. Research and understand the area of concern.
  3. Find out about the causes of the problem, the possible solutions and the beneficiaries of any subsequent successful change endeavours.
  4. Map out a realistic time frame with self-evaluation points at varying stages
  5. Start small. Introduce or cut out one or two things at a time. This should be taken into account in the time schedule.
  6. Introduce or cut out more things until I have brought about the 100% change in myself.
  7. Document and record facts, statistics, margins, thoughts, interactions, challenges and triumphs. These will be used to help influence others.
  8. Conceive a plan to begin converting others to my cause. Again, starting small with an aim to increase numbers over an allotted period of time.
  9. Select the least radical ideas and concepts to slowly introduce to would be converts. They have to be doable and able to be completed without deferring much from their everyday lives.
  10. Get the message out there. Through social media, blogs, street press, flyering and any other means. 

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