Is Organic Really Better?

Most people believe that organic foods are better in terms of nutrition and environmental impact. Recent studies, however, have begun to prove otherwise.


Apparently, all the hype about organic being better health wise may be completely false. We may have just been falling for a scam. According to different studies, organic food showed no consistent difference in vitamin content versus inorganic conventionally grown produce. As grown adults, taking organic foods will barely make any difference to our health, but for growing children consuming organic milk and meat is possibly better. Though organically grown fruits and vegetables showed no significant benefit as compared to their inorganic counterparts, organic milk and meat did. Organic milk contains more omega-3, which is believed to be essential in children’s brain development and cardiovascular health. Organic meat also shows a reduced exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but the studies are still being researched upon.


Just because the food is labeled ‘organic’ doesn’t mean it’s actually better for your health, though some insist it tastes better than conventional food.


Buying organic food may make you feel better about yourself. You’re saving the environment from pesky insecticides aren’t you? That’s true. Organic farms do not use pesticides and other chemicals that would harm the environment, but we also need to take into consideration the greenhouse gas emissions produced by both farms.


Typically, organic farms, except beef and olive ones, generate higher greenhouse gasses compared to their counterparts per unit of production. It takes more land to produce the same amount of produce a conventional farm would take; which means more area is damaged and cannot support the natural biodiversity.


We as consumers need to realise that organic doesn’t necessarily mean better. Both methods of farming have their positive and negative sides. We need to be discerning in order to make the right decisions which have impacts on ourselves, others, and the environment.


We as designers need to find ways to produce cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable methods of farming. Ways without harmful chemicals but also doesn’t give off excessive carbon gas. We need to design ways where farms won’t have to destroy natural landscapes and natural biodiversities. Basically, we need to discover a way to produce the best while reducing our negative impact.

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