Giving up Disposable Products: 5

I sometimes wonder whether my good intentions are actually doing more harm than good.


For example, what uses more resources: a paper bag to hold a take-away sushi roll in, or dining in where plates need to be washed with lots of water (assuming all food shops work the same way as the shop that I work in, you have to hand wash the dishes and then put them in the sanitising dish washer)? 

I guess if we assess the whole life cycle of plates and paper bags, we’d see that bags will always be transported to the food place, which costs the environment due to petrol. While a plate can stay there a long while. 

My recent stay at a hospital made my giving up challenge inapplicable. All the food comes in little boxes, and if not a box it’ll be covered by an upside down cup to be very sanitary. I wasted a decent amount of plastic and cardboard there. 

Otherwise I’m being quite good, and I’ve been making sure that any packaging or spare paper is put into the recycling bin when I come across these items.

Back to the first question, I decided to eat in and use their plate… let’s hope that was a good choice!!! 



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