You don’t have to break a chicken to make an egg

There are so many ways we enjoy eggs. We have them for breakfast, in sandwiches, or mixed into cake batter. They’re the one of the most versatile and used cooking ingredient. No wonder roughly 75 billion eggs are produced each year in the United States alone. Egg producers have capitalized on this fact. They need to produce more and more eggs to stave off our appetites for this food. In order to get the maximum output of eggs, most farmers have resorted to producing caged eggs.


Caged eggs is cruelty. Instead of being able to walk around, enjoy fresh air, and lay in a nest, battery hens are forced to live in a tight, and often filthy, metal cage, hardly allowing any movement. A battery hen will never see the light of day, she spends her entire life within the confines of a tiny cage shared by 3 to 7 other chickens. These cramped living conditions cause numerous other problems, which farmers have “quick fixes” for.


Millions of chickens are subjected to this cruelty in Australia, but we can make change. We have the power to get rid of these caged egg farms by avoiding caged eggs.


Read more about it on . And please stop buying caged eggs, opt for free range instead.

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