The road to activism

With the video above shown through youtube we find one of the largest Climate Change protests in US history. The rally drew as people demanded Government of the US to take more action towards Climate Change as effects have shown to be rising (floods, droughts). The people embraced that President Obama had acknowledged the issue and that he has done a lot regarding the issue, but this protest argues that more needs to be done in order for better results.

Climate Change has always been known as a big worldwide issue, but watching this now and finding that this is one of the largest protests in US history for Climate Change shows a lot. It shows to me how more people are now willing to be apart of the change, or even embrace it and become apart of it. It really links a lot to how i felt during the beginning of this class.

I found that as the weeks went on and we became more understanding of the term ‘activist’ we got a lot more closer as a group particularly with tweeting about the ‘neuroswith’. I really felt how we, as a group, expressed something to society with such a great tool like twitter, and that the effects it had only got better as more joined in on the discussion.

The way i think of it is that, if more people join in with different views, opinions and ideas, it will be shared around and expressed amongst everybody else, educating them of the topic where more actions can then be taken. This climate change video for example, shows how the rally is formed in order to educate others of both the situation and how it can perhaps be resolved.
The ‘Keystone project’ the idea of creating an oil pipeline from canada to the US is brought up towards the end of the clip. We can see how through the amount of people rallying, and through their lack of knowledge on the issue, others can now be educated of the problems that can arise or be resolved.
Us as students should be influenced through these kinds of actions. Where groups of people join to educate society of various beliefs and/or issues they may strongly believe in.

When we had been asked as a class to give up something our group had decided on coffee. At first it felt like the challenge was to keep “giving up” and not to go back to your old ways. But then i felt the need to research and understand what it would take to become an activist. So the challenge was more so to express to the public of my journey and how i could educate them of its benefits.

Overall however i’m really finding this class a good escape from the constant design elements of university whilst also really enjoying it. I’ve learnt many new thing whether it would be from Soumitri or even my peers throughout twitter and word press. Twitter particularly i’ve learned many thing through so many different tweets that branch out all kinds of areas.
The class has really re wired my brains. 🙂

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