Coffee Advertising

cofeee ad

So with my stand on coffee i originally had no issues at all with it, i mainly drank it frequently but never thought there were even any serious effects at all that could come along with it.
Soon as i started giving it up however i researched more and found effects it could leave on people but also the way in which its advertised in many different ways.
Whether it would primarily focus on the caffeine it can provide for that extra boost during the day or just the taste and flavour of the coffee, it would always target a certain age level.

The ad above shower a more humorous approach to the beverage saying that the boost of caffeine can get you out of trouble from your ‘mates’. This is clearly done to approach a teenage audience, but the question im raising is whether we should be advertising to this age level. I mean this ad could even influence kids younger then 13 purely because of the humour behind it.
In my opinion i just dont think we should be influencing kids with coffee as being something just like every other drink. Sooner or later when they get over the energy from the caffeine they could move onto the energy drinks, which is where the real bad stuff is at.

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