On the way to change

I didn’t know what this class was about until it started. It is not what I thought it was. I thought it was a course merely about change in design, like changing the way we design things. To my interest, this course is at a meta-philosophical level.

It is pretty interesting that it made me think about the more than just myself or the people I’m close to.Made me think about the world, made me aware about the situations around me. And the problems it has that made the people develop the desire for change.

The class watched a video about Peter Ford and his journey to treat patients with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) allowing them to communicate again. That video brought inspiration and warmth in the heart. What he did was for a noble cause. And it reminded me of a vow I made during high school about how I want to change the world by helping those in need when I am successful in what I want to do – design.

Not just through design though, plenty of other way I could do to fulfil that but first I need to be educated, trained and help myself. There was a saying by my father about helping one self before others and he learned that from those flight safety videos on what to do when the oxygen mask comes down in flights. Attend to yourself first before others. 

Change is what I need to do and the world too. It’s what I have learned and that kept me going with the agent of change within is rising.

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