Giving up fast-food and strengthening small businesss

For the past 2 weeks I have kept clear of indulging in any fast-food meals or consuming from large corporations in an attempt to focus attention on primarily, the increased rate of obesity “More than 60 per cent of Australian adults and almost a quarter of Australian children are currently either overweight or obese,” – Kate Carey and also, the exploitation of small businesses by larger dominant companies.

Even by showing a few that it is not necessary to purchase products from large corporations, I hope that it will merely rewrite the economic path we head down and allow small business to specialise in specific areas of food without large corporations broadening there shelves and restricting inevitably the number of job opportunities and minimising the spread of wealth.

On top of this, fast-food and it’s relative distributors specialise in the most generic of brand-names and ingredients meaning that those with specialised food-needs (Celiac – allergy to gluten) will be cut out of the picture in order to maximise the profits of one corporate giant! This also means that obesity will rise at a rapid rate similar if not faster than america- the country ruled by corporations and infected with cheap alternatives for food.

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