Giving up: Drinking to excess.

Before I considered what impacts my choices have on society in more ways than one, I thought about the impacts some of my bad habits have on myself. Australia spends on average $30 a week per citizen on alcohol, and when that’s considering all ages and genders, I was shocked to say the least.

$30 could be a couple of boutique pints at a bar, almost a whole carton of beer, or maybe even two bladders of cheap wine. Any way you put it, at a mean level, there’s a lot of grog being consumed.

Over summer I’ve worked hard and ultimately played harder. The impacts alcohol has on people changes with tolerances and character, however at the excessive or “bingeing” stage, there’s never a positive outcome.

Why do it? Well. It’s fun at the start, and then more is better yeah? Not quite.

A late night out with limited BAC is an eye opener. Girls, boys, men, ladies, what happened to your decorum?! And then I changed. Is this the sort of thing I look like?! I tried not to think about it too much, as I was having a great time without being ridiculous. Thank goodness I wasn’t giving up on coffee.

(I realised I didn’t post this when I wrote it last week, my progress update will be done soon!)



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