Giving Up Disposable Products: 4

I came across this website, Waste Free Lunches:

They do waste-free lunch programs with schools to teach kids about how to reduce their amounts of waste, reuse, and recycle. They show how it’s cheaper for the person to use reusables instead of disposables, and set a really good example for kids. They also talk about nutritious meals.

I have found this site useful in my ‘giving up’ of disposable products.

So far I have thrown out packaging from gifted Easter eggs and a few different necessary items. But instead of using disposable chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant the other day, I used the metal forks. 

It’s really bizarre how we throw out perfectly good resources though in the form of very temporary packaging and items, I just know our grandkids will look back at our era in amazement of how flippantly we waste plastic, aluminium and wood.

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