Consumers Have Power

Today I was researching into why Starbucks didn’t become a success in Australia in the way that it did/is in America. Their implementation of their stores around Melbourne was flawed, evident by the way they closed down a lot of their outlets.

 Some say the reason why they failed is because they used the same business model that they used in America for here. Melbourne has a rich coffee culture and the low-quality low-strength sugary syrupy coffee of Starbucks just didn’t fit in with what the people here really wanted.
Another reason could be that they opened a lot of stores around the place in a short amount of time, and some Melbournians felt Starbucks were forcing themselves onto them through the great number of large shops. 
The point that I want to make is that it was people like us, the consumers, who shut down this big business by not buying their product. Everytime you buy something your money is like a vote, for whatever you buy, and against whatever you don’t. 
 It’s good to keep this in mind. 

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