Giving Up Disposable Products: 3

I am noticing a pattern in my disposable product usage: it’s only when I go to uni that I encounter a large amount of problems in ‘giving it up’, specifically when it comes to cleanly transporting food from home and consuming food from shops. 

Thoughts of how to tackle this problem have been swimming around in my head, but I haven’t pinpointed a really good idea yet. Perhaps some sort of flat food-grade silicon sheet that can encase wraps, be used to hold little cakes or spinach rolls in the place of a disposable napkin? Then can be rolled up with the dirty side facing in, to be cleaned once at home? I could prototype this by cutting up a silicone baking mat ( like this                                           I’d have to really use it to identify all issues of this idea, and it may still need to be used in conjunction with reusable plastic tubs.


Perhaps some sort of UniBox, a lunchbox for university students where compartments can be pushed and pulled to hygienically store your sandwiches using pressure from the compartments instead of Glad Wrap to hold it together? 


I’m not sure, but there’s definitely an issue here that needs to be solved!!

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