Dad and I

I really didn’t want to go this morning. It was cold. Really cold. The type of cold that makes your heart flutter for a second after getting out of bed. I knew i had to though. Normally I can’t wait to go. I heard Dad get up to make my breakfast. His feet shuffling across the linoleum always roused me from my sleep without fail. Without fail i would be ready everyday. Except today. I just didn’t want to go. After hastily finishing my breakfast i turned around and crept back to bed. I heard dad calling after me but i didn’t care. Jumping back onto my mattress, I placed my back to the door as if somehow hoping that if i couldn’t see him then he couldn’t see me. It didn’t work. He came in calling my name. He grabbed me and picked me up. The grunt he emitted was getting louder every week it seemed. I guess I had put on a few extra kilograms but he didn’t have to draw attention to it, did he? He carried me out of my room and out the back door. All I could do was look at him. I just wanted to go back to my warm bed. It was no use though. Dad had everything ready to go just as he always did. Without fail at the same time every morning. Normally I can’t wait to go. Just no today. Today I just wanted to stay in bed. He looked down at me, smiled and gave me a rub on the head. I love it when he does that. He is always telling me how handsome I am and how much smarter I am than the other kids. Normally that makes me happy. Not this morning. This morning I just wanted to go back to bed.

Dad had his coat on already as he always did. He then put mine on for me. I felt a little better after my coat was on. It is only thin coat but somehow it seemed to help retain the heat. My spirits lifted a little at that point. I think Dad detected my excitement because he gave me another scratch on the head and leaned down to give me a hug. I love my dad. I felt really bad when I broke some of his things. I couldn’t help it though. He has such nice things to play with. He was mad but it didn’t last long. It never does. My Dad is the best. 

Finally we were ready to go. I had my coat on. The impending journey was getting me more and more excited. It was fever pitch as we approached the front gate. Dad opened it and the squeal of the hinges heralded our departure. Ready to hit the road. I was excited now. really excited. But i stayed calm. I knew Dad liked it better when i behaved myself. So off we went. Just Dad and I. The way i always liked it. We went the same way that we normally go to the shops. It was my favorite part of the street too. They had all the nicest gardens there. It was then that we ran into an old lady walking home from the shops. Dad smiled and said “Hello” like he always does. I was brimming with excitement at the possibility of being able to meet this strange person. I think dad could tell. His familiar hand came down on my head as if to calm me. The old lady looked down at me with a big toothy grin. “Oh, isn’t he just gorgeous!” She exclaimed. Dad smiled and said, “Yeah, he’s pretty cute.” “My grandson has one just like him.” said the old woman with a kind look. “How old is he?” She asked. Dad looked down at me and smiled too. If i could have smiled i would have smiled back. I love my Dad. “He is turning one next month.” 



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