Dolphin Drive

It’s been about 2 weeks since my last taste of any type of seafood. It’s been tough, but worth it, especially when I’ve been finding shocking evidence of man’s destruction of our waters in my researches.

I may just eat fish, crustacean, and a few other types of marine animals, but never have I dared to eat marine mammals. In some places though, marine mammals are considered great delicacies. Fermented whale fat is a specialty in Japan. I don’t know about you but fermented whale fat does not sound at all appetising to me.

Whales aren’t the only marine mammals suffering. In fact whales are protected under international laws. Dolphins, however, are not, and these mammals really do suffer for it. Each year, between the months of September and May, over 20,000 dolphins are slaughter in Japan alone.

Before the mass massacre, dolphin traders select the most attractive dolphins ( those that usually look most like Flipper) to sell to marine parks and circuses, the rest are killed for their meat. The thing is, dolphin meat is actually not good to eat. It contains many toxins that are harmful to humans. So instead of selling it off as toxic dolphin meat, they’re “mislabeled” as whale or fish meat. Most people who eat dolphin don’t even know it. Right now, I’m hoping badly that I didn’t contribute to this dolphin cruelty unwittingly. Even after all this, the dolphin’s caracas is only worth about $68! I believe a dolphin’s life is worth more than that!

Dolphins do not deserve this barbaric fate, no animal does. These killings continue because most small marine mammals, like dolphins, are not protected under international law. This leaves them as fair game to anyone who wants to make a profit off of them. We need to take a stance against this inhumanity. Maybe we can get a law passed to protect these dolphins; maybe they don’t need to die in such a cruel way anymore. Maybe we can save the dolphins!

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