Sticking to the Status Quo

Have you ever thought about the energy we put into trying to fit in? Observing what other people wear and what’s fashionable. Trying to keep up with the latest technologies. Finding out what’s in and what’s out. In class, Soumitri brought up an interesting and thought-provoking point. He got us to reflect on the amount of time and effort we use to be fashionable in the eyes of society.


I’m like most people, I always want to be dressed in the latest trends and be seen in the popular hangouts. I love new and expensive gadgets. I try to fit in, but at the same time I want to stand out, not to the extent where I’m seen as “weird” though. If you look at my internet browser, I have websites like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Lookbook bookmarked so I can quickly find out what’s popular around the world. So I can try to become more acceptable to society.


I have been pushing myself to go with the flow, but that really isn’t my purpose. My purpose is not to just stand by and even participate in the norm, but to start a ripple and create a wave to improve the world – to be an activist in my own way.


Through the past weeks, I’ve learned that activists are not limited to people marching in rally and martyrs. Activists don’t need to be people who completely reject society, in fact, there are more activists within society than I had originally realized. Activists are people who want to make a change in the world for the better, people who aren’t satisfied with leaving the world in it’s current state.


Activist are as their name suggests, active – actively trying to improve the world. They’re not bystanders, they have a purpose and are fulfilling it. I want to realize my purpose. I want to be active and stand for what I believe in. I no longer want to be a bystander. I want to open my heart and listen to what it’s trying to tell me – to change the world.


We can all be activists, trying to better our surroundings, society, and our world, through small changes in the way we act and react to different scenarios. I need to learn to open my heart and become sensitive to the evident problems of our world. I can’t continue to ignore them and simply focus on the popular and in.


Imagine, if we were to transfer the energy we use in order to fit in to bettering the world, what could we accomplish? If everyone spent those extra few minutes, usually used to figure out what to wear daily, on more important and pressing matters, would the world be a different place? I think, yes! I think so many of the problems we ignore today, like the unequal distribution of food around the world or excess carbon emission, could be reduced and even solved. We are wasting time and energy on things that won’t make an impact or matter years from now.


I’m not suggesting we drop everything and stop caring about how we look. I’m just saying, there is a balance to how much energy we should spend on ourselves and how much we should give back to the community. We can contribute to the world in little ways, but those small changes add up. They can make a huge impact on the world. I want tot make a big impact on the world. It’ll take a lot of time and energy, but through little sacrifices and small efforts, I know I can change the world.

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