No more supermarkets

It has been surprisingly difficult over the past two or so weeks to stop using the big chain supermarkets. The two main culprits that i have sought to vanquish from my life are Woolworths and Coles. To a lesser extent, also Foodworks and IGA. I am seeking to replace the food that i would normally purchase from these retailers with food from farmers markets. These are held once a month at various locations around Melbourne. They aren’t all on at the same time each month so it is possible to make a visit to a market once a week for fresh produce. I began my quest with a visit to the fairfield farmers market. It was great to deal and talk with the actual producers of the food i was buying. It was also really great to know that my money was going straight into their pockets instead of a price-fixing conglomerate. The money should go to the people that do all the hard work of producing produce. Among the delicious things i bought were eggs, bacon, vegetables, wine and cheese. Whilst i did pay more than what i would in the big chain supermarkets, i felt that it was money well spent. Local produce that did not contain massive amounts of preservatives as well. The areas in which i have been struggling to make do without the supermarkets are items such as toilet paper, tissues, soap and other household items. I have been lucky enough to find a corner store in my area that do stock the necessary items. However, i am paying a considerable amount more for these items. I may have to readjust my goal to only include food unless i can find a cheaper way to get toiletries and household items from outside the big supermarkets. My quest continues…

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