Giving Up Disposable Products

Plastic and paper pollution is an issue affecting people all over the world. It wastes our resources, creates an overwhelming amount of trash, hurts the environment and all of the living animals, including us!  
Each day we use 500 million straws–enough disposable straws to fill over 46,400 large school buses per year. 
Another interesting fact: The US consumes 1,500 plastic bottles A MINUTE. 2.7 million tons of plastic are used for the production of bottled water EVERY year. Most of this ends up as garbage or in landfills. 
On the topic of coffee cups, Big Switch Projects say:
” If you and 9 other members of staff had one takeaway coffee every day of the week, by Friday you’d find 50 coffee cups in the bin. That might seem like a pretty obvious statement but it soon adds up. If they drink one coffee every working day of the year, by the end of December, they would have used 2600 disposable cups! That’s a lot of cups to dispose of.”

Since 22/03/13 I have stopped using disposable plates, cups, bottles, cutlery, straws and bags. (I use plastic bags from a stash we keep in the kitchen when I am in need of a bin liner, but perhaps that’s not as bad as it’s reusing plastic?)

 I have a reusable coffee cup that I’ll be bringing to uni and I’ll be packing my own lunch, or eating in, or using my own plate/bowl.
 My aim is to minimise the amount of resources I throw away, so among other things I am looking into buying loose tea leaves instead of tea bags, once I finish my current stash. I always thought it was very ridiculous how packaged some of these tea bags are. Paper, wrapped in more paper, wrapped in aluminium to ‘keep the freshness in’, boxed up in paper, for a teeny tiny mound of tea… hahah. 
If anyone wants to join me in giving up disposable stuff please let me know, it’ll be really cool if we can start a whole trend!
I’ll end it on this note: 80 percent of what we make is thrown away within six months of production. That’s so crazy.Image

1 thought on “Giving Up Disposable Products

  1. jescasy

    This is such a good reminder for me! Hopefully, I’ll be able to reduce the amount of disposable products I use. As of now, I have limited most of my disposable products but still use plastic bags from the supermarket and such. This reminds me how boycotting disposable products is very possible and doable. Thanks, Rochelle! This is a great post and a great accomplishment! 🙂


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