An average toilet uses around 1.6 gallons of water per flush. That is a lot of water. In a country, like Australia, where clean water is readily available, this amount of water may seem insignificant, but in areas where people need to travel great distances just to have a bit of water, this 1.6 gallons is ridiculous.

Toilets make plumbing more hygienic and more practical, but shouldn’t there be a way to reduce the amount of water used to clean the bowl after each use? We shouldn’t be flushing away a large amount of clean water.

There are alternative toilets which use little water, like the toilets on commercial planes do. These toilets use a vacuum unlike the conventional toilet. Maybe this is the way we can save water. We could make the regular home toilet water saving and not water wasting.

I’m not suggesting we stop flushing out toilets, that would be unsanitary. But maybe it’s time to switch to a water saving toilet. Or maybe we can find sanitary ways to dispose of our waste without having to flush away 1.6 gallons at a time.

This is just one example of how we waste so much water. Water that would be considered precious all around the world. We need to cherish water and save it, not waste it unnecessarily.

Today, smarter and more sustainable options for appliances are available, like washing machines that use less than half the amount of water a regular machine would use. We can slowly switch to using these appliances instead of water-wasting ones. When furnishing a new place with appliances, can choose to purchase eco-friendly options.

Water is precious. All living organisms need it to survive. Without water, we would all die. That’s why, we can’t just waste it. We need to learn and develop ways to save clean water and not just flush it away.

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