The Man in the Suet Cage

Turns out i posted this on my own blog instead of this communal one. Here are parts one and two for those that didn’t see them. Just a little bit of creative writing. Thanks.

The Man in the Suet Cage – Part 1

Posted on March 9, 2013

The night was still and warm. Not a breath of air stirred so there was no respite from the summer evenings swan song. There he sat, sweat beading on his pale flesh. Still as the aforementioned night outside.Through the open window he could hear the muffled banter and laughter of people having a party next door. It made him sad.The chair had been nicely padded with plush cushions and foam. However time and his increasing weight had now forged a perfect impression of his physique upon them. The excess weight had appeared slowly. An extra twenty kilograms had collected gradually and conspicuously around his mid section and arms. It had held for a while. Now it had begun to recede.

The disease had taken hold slowly. The beginning stages were a shock. The gradual degradation of feeling in his extremities had been alarming. As it spread further up his limbs, he began to accept what was happening. Finally, when it  took his speech, he knew that it would not be long now. The doctors had told him that his weight would increase initially due to his now sedentary nature. He knew he was on the downward slope. He knew that now he would begin the waste away. As his energy requirements dropped, his body weight would as well. Muscles would be devoured along with the excess fat until all that would remain would be a shell of a man. A skeletal husk of the former person that he was once was. He knew all this. He had seen it in the videos. He had read it in the books. He had been told about it time and time again from the doctors. And now, it was finally happening. 

His eyes were still as bright as ever. Following and tracking the movements on the television screen. They still conveyed all the emotion of some one who had not been afflicted with the disease. His mother often sat with him and spoke to him. Staring into his vibrant eyes. He knew it was hard for her taking full time care of her adult son. She was in bed now. She always went to bed early these days. Often she would sit and tell him stories of her day and stories of time gone by. Every now and then she would begin to cry and hug him, trembling. He knew it was just as hard for her as it was for him. Actually, no. It was much harder. In fact, that was the cause of his tears more often than not. And now they came again.They welled up. He sat there silently in his suet cage. Motionless. They began to roll down his cheeks uncontrollably.

When the emotion had all but drained away he felt better but exhausted. His bright eyes began to dim and the darting slowed. He slipped out of the world where he was a prisoner in a broken body and he slept. That was when the dream began…

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