From a Chicken to a Farm of Battery Hens

So, officially this global tool we all know and potentially love has turned seven. Our beloved blue chicken has flown right across the world, and has flown over 3,500,000,000 times. Yes, indeed we do poop these little eggs out quite frequently. Not only is twitter a crucial tool for sharing information, it also important for changing the world. But how can this giant chicken-hammer nail down on our poor earths problems.
Let’s discuss how powerful this tool can be. Kony 2012, was a large scale scam that sent most of the world tripping over their own guilt, but how? Mainly it was the internet and tools such as Twitter, Facebook and a variety of chat websites – from this it turned to news, flyers, radio, posters, it just got out of hand. And in the end it was just word of mouth and a 20 minute tear jerker that sent people tumbling down the rabbit hole.

However it all depends on what you feed the little blue chicken – if you feed the hen rubbish then its going to grow into an unhealthy clueless mess, however, if you feed the hen healthy and nutritious food it will grow up and live a long and healthy life. So instead of a chicken that lives 10 years it may live on for 50 years or more. Twitter is only 7 years old, so there’s no saying it will continue to live on as healthy as it is now if we continue to fill it with pointless shit and jargon. Although this may not be the case, the point is that we could use this tool to make a difference and the majority of us aren’t, therefore, it will be unlikely for a change to be implemented. It’s time to take a closer at what we actually do to this planet, til next time.


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