End human trafficking

Today, an estimated 2.5 million people are being trafficked and forced into slavery according to the United Nations (http://www.unglobalcompact.org/docs/issues_doc/labour/Forced_labour/HUMAN_TRAFFICKING_-_THE_FACTS_-_final.pdf ). Of these millions, about 95% are being sexually abused. These people need help not just to get away from the dangers they are involved in now but also to treat the pains and traumas they’ve experienced.

Recently, I heard a woman speak about a mission to empower those rescued from the sex trade in Cambodia and India. She spoke of the struggles she and the other aids went through helping these people, but mostly shared the stories of those who were hurt.

She talked about how for some, the sex industry was the only world they knew, having grown up in that environment all their lives and “being born into a brothel.” These people never tasted freedom and couldn’t even dream of it. She told of horrific stories where children of women working at brothels would be sleep underneath the beds, while women serviced clients on the bed, drugged in order to be kept quiet. For most of these children there is no hope. Only around 3% of children born in brothels are ever able to escape the sex trade.

Hearing the woman speak touched my heart for these children. They can’t fend for themselves, but we can help them. We can help them escape their supposed fates I live dignified lives where they can choose whichever path they want.

Find out more about helping those affected by the human trafficking in Cambodia and India by visiting http://sherescuehome.org/


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